Harvestman from Uruguay

Subject: Harvestman in Uruguay
Location: Salinas, Uruguay
February 6, 2014
I have a great picture of one that is not dying.  Looks gorgeous!  For your website!
Ginger Kurowski

Harvestman:  Paramphere bimaculatus
Harvestman: Paramphere bimaculatus

Hi Ginger,
Thank you for supplying our site with this photo of a healthy Harvestman,
Paramphere bimaculatus, as a followup to your original submission.

Absolutely.  It helps to have a “good” picture for others to identify.  It is a beauty.  Great pic.
Thank you for all your work.  I am enjoying your website.  I never thought I would have an interest in bugs but we have so many here in Uruguay.  We just moved here from the US so these bugs are new to me.  What is funny, is the people that live here never noticed many of them and are unaware of their own bugs!  It sometimes takes new eyes to see things around us.
Take care and thanks again.
Ginger Kurowski

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