Harvestman from Peru: Eutimesius simoni

Subject: Harvestmen from Peru
Location: Peru
March 9, 2014 9:45 am
Hello again with another interesting arthropod from rainforests of Peru. This harvestmen (Opilionidae) was found in the forest near Iquitos in 2013. Any clue which d lead to further ID is welcomed, thanks!
Signature: Jiri Hodecek


Hi again Jiri,
This is truly an unusual looking Harvestman in the order Opiliones.  We are going to contact Dr. Adriano Kury and Ricardinho Pinto da Rocha who specialize in South American Opiliones to see if they can offer any information.

Dr. Adriano Kury responds
Parece um Eutimesius, Ricardo pode dizer melhor…
Translation courtesy of Babylon:  “It seems a Eutimesius, Ricardo can say better …”

Ed. Note: 
See FlickR, Eighth Eye Photography and http://www.museunacional.ufrj.br/mndi/Aracnologia/opiliones.html [we are unable to connect at the time of this posting].

Thank u a lot! Yeah, I kinda guessed Stygnidae family.. I just found out there r only 4 species in that genus.. Unfortunately almost no photos online..

And now there is your image.

Ricardo Pinto da Rocha responds
Daniel, it seems to be Eutimesius simoni

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