Harvestman from the UK

Subject: what are these?
Location: garden in England
July 23, 2012 8:49 am
Hi I have seen loads and loads me these in my garden (England). Sometimes there’s one on its own other times there are groups. Just wanted to know what they are and to make sure they are not harmful to children, I’ve just never seen these before. Thanks.
Signature: Gemma


Hi Gemma,
This is a Harvestman in the Arachnid order Opiliones, and though it does not resemble the examples posted on the British Arachnological Society page, we are relatively certain of our identification.  The British Arachnological Society website states:  “Harvestmen will eat all kinds of food. Their omnivorous habits mean they will eat dead squashed slugs, bird droppings, jam, fruit and other plant remains, as well as live small invertebrates that they might catch. Generally they are nocturnal and can be found hiding under ivy, amongst grass stems, and other vegetation, under stones, bark and logs and inside cool damp buildings like sheds and outside toilets. Their common name derives from the fact that most are mature in autumn, at the time of harvesting.”  Harvestmen are harmless since they have no venom and do not bite.  We continued to research and we believe we have correctly identified your species as 
Homalenotus quadridentatus on the Opiliones UK website, but you must scroll down to see the image.

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