Harvestman from Crete

Subject: Identification, please
Location: Crete, Greece
November 3, 2016 12:29 am
I spotted this ‘spider’ crawling at the bottom of an empty swimming pool in Crete, Greece. It was very slow moving, not like a normal spider.
Signature: any way


Dear any way,
This is not a Spider, but another Arachnid known as a Harvestman from the order Opiliones.  The post-production framing on your images is not something we see very often, which is why it is especially interesting to us because the last time we received images of similar looking Harvestmen from Crete, they had the same framing treatment.  The species is identified as
Trogulus tricarinatus on the Natura Mediterraneo site.  According to BugGuide, this species has been introduced to North America.


Hi, Daniel.
Very many thanks for the ID, most appreciated.
I have to tell you that I wrote to you some years ago, requesting an ID for the self-same critter!  I thought it was a harvestman, but wasn’t sure, because the flat body seemed so unusual for a harvestman.
I think your site is excellent, thank you very much.

Hi Carol,
That explains the similar framing treatment in your previously submitted images.

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