Harvestman from Brazil

Subject: What’s that??
Location: South of Brazil
December 14, 2013 3:05 pm
hi, i’m really curious about that, my mom found it on some flower box, that she bought.
sorry about the english.. Thank You!!
Signature: Bruno


Dear Bruno,
This is a member of the order Opiliones, and the members are commonly called Harvestmen in English.  They are Arachnids that are often mistaken for Spiders, but they do not have venom, hence they are harmless to humans.  The generally feed on dead organic matter of both plant and animal origin.  The Classification of Opiliones website gives you a nice idea of the diversity within the order, and there are even several images from Brazil that closely resemble your individual.


Hi Daniel. Thank you very much!! Keep doing this Excelent work!!

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