Harmless Stilt Legged Fly killed and accused of biting in US Virgin Islands

Flying At or Wasp?
January 19, 2010
I live in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. The other night I woke up and found several large bites on my chest. I was thinking bedbugs but my girlfriend has no bites. Its happened to me several times. The difference is I sleep on top of the covers and she usually is bundled up under. So Im thinking that might rule out bedbugs. Then this morning we found this bug in the bedroom. What is it and can it be the culprit thats biting me? The bites first feel like acid on my skin and stings real bad then they becomes very itchy. Thanks for your help.
Eric Stone
Crown Mountain, St. Thomas, USVI

Stilt Legged Fly, a victim of mistaken identity

Hi Eric,
It is not our mission to demonize our readership, but rather to educate, which is why we are tagging your letter as Unnecessary Carnage.  This is a Harmless Stilt Legged Fly in the family Micropezidae.  It did not bite you, so that culprit is still awaiting identification.  Stilt Legged Flies are noteworthy for the manner in which they wave about their prominently marked front legs as though they were trying to signal something.

Thanks Daniel,
I appreciate the info.  I will let my friends know on Facebook what the fly is and tell them to be kind to it. I will also add a link to my website to yours and let people know that you guys have the answers. Mahalo!
Thanks, Eric Stone

2 thoughts on “Harmless Stilt Legged Fly killed and accused of biting in US Virgin Islands”

  1. That whole didn’t bite thing is bogus, I’ve had them in my 90-something year old house my whole life and if you piss them off they will light you up like a Christmas tree leaving little pin prick welts all over you that sting and burn and itch. You can say they don’t sting or bite, and maybe they don’t, I’m not sure. Perhaps they puke on you like a fly does. All I know is, if you swat at one and injure it or miss, it will gladly return fire with extreme prejudice.

  2. hii the stilt legged fly bite me today approx 3hour ago when bite me that fly then slight burn and slight eaching what i have to do plez coment me is this dangerous for health..?


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