Subject: What’s this bug?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!
Location: Western North Dakota
October 25, 2012 10:06 pm
Hi Bugman! We are putting our best efforts into classifying this spider. We are having a hard time deciding which one it is!
PLEASE HELP! Found in garage, really scary looking!
Signature: Scared of spiders 🙁


Dear Scared of spiders,
This is a harmless Orbweaver.  Though they might look scary, they are not aggressive.  Orbweavers spend their lives snaring prey from a classic orb spiderweb that they seldom leave.  We believe they frequently become victims of Unnecessary Carnage.

Hi Daniel! We just captured it in a jar. We weren’t sure if it was harmful or not and have a 7 month old daughter so we wanted to be safe! There was no carnage involved 🙂
Now we will free it!

Good to know.  Our mistake but it looked dead.

Orbweaver, mistaken for dead

Location: North Dakota

2 Responses to Harmless Orbweaver

  1. sobo89 says:

    Please erase this photo. I am the one who sent this in, we did not kill the spider… We kept it in a jar in case it could harm our 7 month old daughter. I’m offended that my photo was posted and associated with this part of your site.

    I had no intentions of killing the spider, I was just looking for further information, and not to be falsely accused of “unnecessary carnage.”

    Thank you for your understanding, and your help.

    • bugman says:

      We apologize for the mistake. It did look dead. Also, we totally understand the protective instincts a mother has toward her young. We did not judge your actions, and we posted your letter right before leaving for a very long, end of the week work day, or we would have made the correction sooner. Thank you so much for making What’s That Bug an interactive experience. We spent some time trying to identify the species, and we wonder if it might be a Barn Spider.

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