Harlequin Stink Bug

Subject: Friend or foe?
Location: Southeastern Virginia
October 21, 2013 5:04 pm
I can’t tell if this bug does damage to my plants or to other pests or neither. I do seem to find them on plants that have damage especially cole crops and squash. The one in the picture was moved from the garden to the front of the shed so I could get a good photo.
Signature: Thanks! Rebecca

Harlequin Stink Bug
Harlequin Stink Bug

Hi Rebecca,
You probably want to consider the Harlequin Stink Bug as a foe.  The Harlequin Stink Bug uses its piercing and sucking mouthparts to take fluids from plants in the cabbage family, including kale.  If they are numerous, they may cause significant damage.

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