Harlequin Flower Beetle

Sun, May 24, 2009 at 7:52 AM
We live in Central Florida and my boys brought this beetle into the house to show me. Can you identify it? We looked in our Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders but couldn’t find it.
Jack and Ben
Central Florida

Harlequin Flower Beetle
Harlequin Flower Beetle

Dear Jack and Ben,
This beauty is a Harlequin Flower Beetle, Gymnetis caseyi, a species that BugGuide reports from Texas and Florida. We especially love that the markings on the Harlequin Flower Beetle resemble the Rorschach Test ink blots.

Daniel,  Thanks so much for the quick reply.  My boys really enjoy the website.

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  1. Thanks so much for this answer. Someone had posted a picture of this beetle to a Butterfly Gardening group on Facebook, and people were having trouble identifying it. I googled “Rorschach Beetle” because the pattern reminded me of a Rorschach personality test, and it brought me to this page. This site not only has great answers, it also is fun and free-associative, like a Rorschach test (if your career isn’t depending on it).

  2. Hi, I am from venezuela and I found one of this beetles in my apartment yesterday, I want to know what they eat and if they are poison or toxic.


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