Harlequin Bug

Subject: Orange and Black Beetle
Location: Fairfax, Virginia:  Accotink Trail
June 10, 2016 1:27 pm
Hi, I have searched your website, my field guide, but cannot come up with an ID. It looks a good deal like a Willow Leaf Beetle, but not quite unless it’s a different subspecies? Perhaps you can shed some light on this? Thanks!
Signature: Seth

Harlequin Bug
Harlequin Bug

Dear Seth,
This is not a Beetle.  It is a Harlequin Bug,
Murgantia histrionica.  Harlequin Bugs are Stink Bugs.  According to BugGuide:  “hosts: primarily Brassicaceae (horseradish, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, mustard, Brussels sprouts, turnip, kohlrabi, radish); may also attack tomato, potato, eggplant, okra, bean, asparagus, beet, weeds, fruit trees and field crops.”

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