Harlequin Beetle from Panama

Subject:  OMG
Geographic location of the bug:  Isla Bastimentos, Panama
Date: 07/24/2018
Time: 04:13 PM EDT
Look who I found in the jungle today!!!
Warm Regards,
Jesse Kamm
Harlequin Beetle

Hi Jesse,
This gorgeous guy is a Harlequin Beetle,
Acrocinus longimanus, and the long front legs and antennae indicate he is a male.  There is an illustration on Illustraciencia that compares the sexes and contains this grammatically interesting description:  “The harlequin woodcutter is a nocturnal insect  that is often near from house’s light during the night. It has little thorns in the side of the torax and, if it is trapped through the wings, its abdomen movement produces a characteristic noise that helps to scary its enemies in order to escape.”  The noise is called stridulation.

Harlequin Beetle

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