Harlequin Beetle from Brazil

Unknown insect
November 6, 2009
Insect found in the RPPN Rio das Lontras – In Brazil, the Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPN) is a private conservation area that is registered in perpetuity and protected by a federal law, with the aim of conserving biological diversity. The creation of a RPPN is a voluntary act by the owner, who decides to designate his property, or part there of, as an RPPN, without losing the right to tenure.
Fernando José Pimentel Teixeira
(UTM): 709.016,89 Norte e 6.942.224,05 Leste

Harlequin Beetle
Harlequin Beetle

Dear Fernando,
First we are very happy that you have provided us information on the RPPN which sounds like an excellent way to preserve open spaces that are protected against logging and other activities.  We are very active in Land Use issues here in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles, California where unchecked development is responsible for the loss of the endangered Black Walnut woodland community.  Though our own tiny pockets of open space cannot compare with the grandeur of the Brazilian rain forests, we know how difficult it can be to try to preserve land.  Your magnificent beetle is known as a Harlequin Beetle, Acrocinus longimanus.  The males have forelegs that are nearly twice the length of the body.  The Harlequin Beetle belongs to the Family Cerambycidae, the Longhorned Borer Beetles.

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