Subject: Sphinx moth & Creepy Mystery Bug
Location:  Bolivia, South America
July 7, 2014 12:23 pm
Hey Bugman!
I have two bugs for you.

Second bug: This thing was seen by my father during the two years he spent in Bolivia. (Sorry for the image size; its the only copy we have.) He said these were fairly common, and that the pole next to it was about an inch wide so that should give you an idea of the size. The frightening thing is that the one pictured is a “small one,” and my dad was attacked by one about seven inches long which scratched up his neck with it’s long creepy claw arms pretty badly. But that’s South America for you. We’ve been wondering for years what it is, and also been grateful that we don’t have them in Orange County, CA.
Thanks for your help!
Signature: Krystal

Harlequin Beetle

Harlequin Beetle

Hi Krystal,
Even with the poor image quality, this Harlequin Beetle,
Acrocinus longimanus, is unmistakeable. 

Hi Daniel!
Thank you so much for your quick reply! I think I’m with you that our moth friend was a One-Eyed Sphinx. And my dad and I were very excited about the Harlequin Beetle! We conducted many fruitless internet searches, so to finally have a name for it was awesome. I love your website and I always tell my friends to check it out when they find a bug. Thanks for all you guys do!

Location: Bolivia

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