Hardwood Stump Borer

HELP! Stenodontes dasystomus or Mallodon dasystomus? **with pics**
We are pretty sure this is a Stenodontes dasystomus or a Mallodon dasystomus. Is there a difference or did the latter replace the former. I’ve included 2 pictures, one that looks better than the one you already have listed. Let me know what you think! Thanks<
North Texas

Hi Vicki,
Our first thought is that we are thrilled to be able to post your fine image of a Hardwood Stump Borer. BugGuide identifies the scientific name as Mallodon dasystomus and notes: “Mallodon or Stenodontes, which appears to be a synonym of Mallodon ” which indicates, at least for now, both names are correct.

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