Hangingflies from Australia Courting and Mating

Scorpionfly mating sequence

Hangingfly with Fly Prey

Scorpionfly mating sequence
November 16, 2010
Location:  Australia
Hi Daniel,
Hope you like this sequence.
The male had to wait for less than a minute with his robberfly for a female to arrive. When she did, he started to make what we would call beckoning motions, by repeatedly curling and uncurling one rear claw. All the time he slowly moved his abdomen into position for mating. When he locked with her she immediately let go of the grass and started to thrash around, at which time he passed her the fly and she settled in to dine while he went about his business. After mating her grabbed the fly back and took off, probably to use it for his next conquest, the cad.

Hangingflies Courting

Hi Trevor,
This series is phenomenal, and your firsthand observations are priceless.

Hangingflies Mating

We wonder if there are other observational accounts of the male absconding with his nuptial gift after getting his way.

Hangingflies Mating

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  1. I am involved in writing an Animal Behavior textbook that will be published by Oxford University Press USA. I am seeking permission to reprint your three images of a hangingfly transferring a nuptial gift to a female.
    Thanks in advance for your help.


    • Hi Tom,
      Trevor from Australia contributed these images and we will gladly contact him regarding permission to use his images. We reserve the right to reproduce content from our website in approved publications, but whenever it is possible to contact the photograph copyright holder, we always defer permission. We will contact Trevor with your request.

  2. Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for letting me know about Tom’s request. Happy for him to single use the photos in his book as per my email.


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