Hanging Thief eats Wasp

Subject: What killed this wasp!?
Location: Cincinnati
July 18, 2016 3:24 pm
The other day my girlfriend saw this larger mosquito looking thing on her chair. And then today we saw it take down a full grown wasp! We want to know if we have been brought a savior, or will it kill my family in my sleep?
Signature: Billy Yeager

Hanging Thief eats Paper Wasp
Hanging Thief eats Wasp

Dear Billy,
The predator in your image is a Hanging Thief, a Robber Fly in the genus
Diogmites, and it is easy to see where they got their common name by looking at your image.  Thief is a synonym for the family name Robber and the members of the genus Diogmites frequently feed while hanging from a single front leg.  Large Robber Flies are impressive predators that hunt on the wing, and BugGuide describes the diet of the Hanging Thieves as eating “insects (often larger than themselves), mostly aculeate Hymenoptera, but also Odonata and Diptera (incl. members of the same species).”  The stinging insects in the order Hanging Thieves feed upon include wasps as in your image and bees. 

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