Wasp Predating on Bee
Location: Eatonton GA (Middle GA)
July 20, 2011 6:30 am
I love the daily Bug posts on Facebook. I’m a gardener and see all sorts of interesting insects. Here are two photos of a wasp eating a bee in my pole beans. I don’t know what kind of wasp this is – they typically eat pests and nectar. I think the bee is a wood bee – we have many of them.
Signature: GA Gardener

Hanging Thief eats Bumble Bee

Dear GA Gardener,
This adroit predator is a Hanging Thief, a species of Robber Fly, and it appears that it has caught and is feeding upon a small Bumble Bee.  You should be able to tell how the Hanging Thief got its common name as your photo clearly shows it hanging from a single leg as it is feeding.  The prey is typically caught on the wing.

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Location: Georgia

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