Hanging Thief

E-gads, what’s this? Bucks County, PA
August 6, 2009
Hi Mr. Bugman. I’m a mom of 2 and had just strapped my kids into their seats today – August 6th – when I noticed this who-knows-what-kinda-bug on my dashboard. It was a little less than an inch long and was near my a/c vent. It didn’t appear to want to fly anywhere and didn’t seem agitated but the close-up of it made me think of the movie, “The Fly”!
I drove home and had forgotten about it. Now I’m wondering 3 things: What is it? How did the poor thing get in our minivan (and how can it get out?!) ? And is it at all harmful?
Thanks so much! LOVE your site! And best of luck on the book 🙂
Bucks County, PA (35 miles north of Philadelphia)

Hanging Thief
Hanging Thief

Hi Sharon,
This awesome Robber Fly is known as a Hanging Thief.  It probably entered your minivan the same way you did, through the door, or perhaps through an open window.  It can leave the same way.  We haven’t heard any reports of people being bitten by Hanging Thieves or other Robber Flies, but they do bite their prey and it is entirely possible if a person mishandles one of them, the person may be bitten.  There is a big difference between “will it bite” and “can it bite” and we would say that it is not inclined to bite, but it might bite.  Your photos are amazingly wonderful.

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