Hanging Thief

Subject: what am I dealing with
Location: Mount solon, va
August 19, 2016 11:45 am
Dear bug man we live out in the country of Augusta county and have noticed an odd type wasp looking bug… my son who is 6 was stung the past two days about 6 times in two different periods… I saw this guy nearby and feel this is the culprit… if you could please help in identifying I would greatly appreciate it
Signature: crystal

Hanging Thief
Hanging Thief

Dear Crystal,
This is a predatory Robber Fly in the genus
Diogmites, a group known as Hanging Thieves because they frequently hang by one leg while eating.  Hanging Thieves are not aggressive toward humans, but they are capable of biting if they are carelessly handled, but that would have required your son catching one and getting bitten.  We do not believe a Hanging Thief is responsible for the stings your son received.

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  1. In fact, you may have wasps nearby. They are predatory towards many flying insects, even ones larger than themselves. I’ve seen them go after wasps and bees. They don’t always win, but they do try. I’d check the house or the yard for wasps’ nests.


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