Hanging Thief

Subject: I’ve never seen this before
Location: Carbondale Il 62901
July 4, 2016 11:19 am
Hi Bugman,
Great website! I am writing because I saw this bug on my screen door today and I’m curious what it might be. It’s been raining for about 3 days here and when it flew away it kind of floated.
Signature: Ayla

Hanging Thief
Hanging Thief

Dear Ayla,
Don’t let its floating flight fool you.  Like other large Robber Flies, this Hanging Thief in the genus
Diogmites is a formidable predator, easily taking large Wasps or Bees on the wing.  The common name Hanging Thief arises from this group’s preference to feed while hanging from a single leg.

Hanging Thief
Hanging Thief

Wow! Thanks for the quick response and information! Keep up the good work.
Ayla M. Amadio, MA
Research Archaeologist

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