Bug identification
Location: chicago suburbs
July 28, 2011 3:41 pm
We live in the far western suburbs of Chicago (about a mile away is ”country”). This bug has been hanging out by our back (patio) door on and off for a week now. It is annoying. Does it sting or bite? What else can you tell me about it?
He is about as long as the diameter of a quarter. His legs are pretty thick and have ”hairs” on them. He kinda ”dances” around the door, but lands for brief times. He reminds me of something in the bee/hornet family, but I don’t see a stinger (by his coloring and the way he files).
Signature: Molly

Hanging Thief

Hi Molly,
This is a Hanging Thief, a genus of Robber Flies.  Other than it “hanging out” you didn’t indicate what it does that is so annoying.  Hanging Thieves are not an aggressive group, however, we acknowledge that they could probably bite a person if they were carelessly handled, an encounter you can avoid by simply ignoring them.  Hanging Thieves are predators and they catch flying insects to feed upon. 

Location: Illinois

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