Crane Fly, not Hanging Fly, from Costa Rica

Is this Bittacidae or Diptera? Or something else?
Location: unknown (will provide if later discovered)  Ed. Note:  Montezuma, Costa Rica
December 17, 2011 11:56 pm

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My first guess is Bittacidae, but I’m used to seeing them with much thicker legs and longer antennae. The beak also looks unusual for a hangingfly and I can’t tell if it’s wingless. If it’s winged, most winged species rest their wings in a roof-like fashion (with the exception of Hylobittacus apicalis).
Signature: Joseph_P_Brenner

Hi Joseph,
If you don’t know the location, does that mean you did not take the photo?  Are you able to provide permission for us to post the photo?  We would also need assistance and we do not want to have the photographer contact us in the future to remove the image.
Please advise.

Crane Fly

The photo was taken in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  The photographer is looking for an ID and is familiar with and is okay with the photo being posted on  He has already posted the photo on another public forum:
Signature: Joseph_P_Brenner

Thanks for getting back to us so quickly Joseph.  We agree with you and with several of the folks on the other public forum that this appears to be a Hanging Fly in the family Bittacidae which is represented by individuals on BugGuide that have more substantial legs.  We would not rule out a Crane Fly.  We will try to contact Dr. Chen Young at Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Crane Flies of Pennsylvania website to see if he can provide anything conclusive.

Crane Fly

Chen Young Responds
Hi Daniel,
It is always nice to hear from you because your image always put a challenge to me and I like it.
This one is in the genus Orimarga, a small slender crane fly.
Happy holidays to you and your viewers.

THank you!


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