Hammond’s Lined June Beetle

Subject: Screeching, furry, brown beetle(?)
Location: Northeast Iowa
July 7, 2016 11:34 pm
Hi! My fiancé and I heard a loud winged buzzing in our front window- sounded just like a large wasp- and our cat caught this guy. When my fiancé picked it up in a napkin to release/inspect it is made a screeching sound- almost like it was spitting a liquid against the napkin but it wasn’t. We put it in a ventilated jar to check it out and try to research it, which brought me to this site. I’m very curious if you all have any ideas? I’m in Salix northeastern corner), Iowa. It’s early July. It is medium brown colored, hard shell wings but then under them are wings that look very similar to a wasp. It has a furry chest and butt area, looks slightly stripped on there too. Almost looks like the butt ends in a stinger, but can’t tell. The antenna have a fan-like quality. The screeching/spitting/screaming sound was pretty loud when it made it but it didn’t replicate it in the jar. Thanks so much for the help! Also this was very late at night- around 11pm.
Signature: M and J

Lined June Beetles
Hammond’s Lined June Beetles

Dear M and J,
Though its markings are much more subtle than the Ten Lined June Beetle, your Scarab is nonetheless a member of the Lined June Beetle genu
s Polyphylla.  We believe we have correctly identified it as a male Hammond’s Lined June Beetle, Polyphylla hammondi, thanks to images on BugGuide.  Males in the genus have fanlike, or more correctly “flabellate” according to BugGuide, antennae.  According to BugGuide it is:  “widespread in w. US, with isolated populations east of the Mississippi River.”  The “screeching sound” you describe is made by rubbing body parts together and it known as stridulation.  Many beetles will stridulate when handled.

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