Hairy Necked Tige Beetle, Pacific Coast Tiger Beetle, or other species???

2 pollinators 1 fuzzy-legged jumper
July 31, 2009
1 green pollinator, 1 brown pollinator, 1 maybe cricket with fuzzy grayish fizz on legs…all at coast in San Luis Obispo County, CA
San Luis Obispo County, CA coast

probably Hairy Necked Tiger Beetle
probably Hairy Necked Tiger Beetle

Dear Denise,
It is impossible for us to respond to every email we receive, so we must select which letters get responses and further cull from those for posting.  It is very difficult for us to deal with three different species in one letter.  With that clarified, your “1 maybe cricket with fuzzy grayish fiss on legs” is actually a  Tiger Beetle, in the genus Cicindela which has numerous species continent wide that resemble your individual.  You may scan the possibilities on BugGuide as we have done in an attempt to properly identify your individual.
We believe the Hairy-Necked Tiger Beetle, Cicindela hirticollis, it a strong candidate for the proper identification.  According to BugGuide, it is found in California, and there is a photograph of a specimen collected in Marin County.  There is also a set of photos of a live specimen in Ventura County.  It also resembles the Pacific Coast Tiger Beetle, Cicindela bellissima, though the range of that species, according to BugGuide, is more north, though the range map might not be comprehensive.  If you resubmit your other requests with more a more detailed letter, we may be able to provide an identification if time permits.

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