Hairy Flower Scarab from Canada

Trichiotinus assimilis I think… Flower Scarab
Location: Winnipeg MB
June 21, 2011 10:19 pm
Hi there Daniel. Finally have a buggy I think is worth sharing. This cute little flower scarab was inhabiting the Cut-leaf Anemones in my prairie wildflower garden last night/this morning. A great little bumblebee mimic! Noticed you only had one picture of these guys, from 2005, so here’s another one to update your archives.
Signature: bugophile in Winnipeg

Hairy Flower Scarab

Dear bugophile,
Thanks so much for sending us this image of a Hairy Flower Scarab.  We took the liberty of lightening the image and cropping it to better feature the beetle.  BugGuide does not have much information on the species page for
Trichiotinus assimilis, so we are linking to the genus page on BugGuide should any of our readers desire more information on this interesting bumblebee mimic.

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