I saw these beetles in the Owyhees in SE Oregon this last weekend. I think they are rain beetles? Very cool even though I am by far not a bug/beetle person….I like furry animals, but not hairy beetles…Please confirm. Cheers,

hi Gretchen,
We believe your hairy May Beetle might be in the genus Phylophagus. We found two similar images on BugGuide, one listed as Phylophagus tristis, and the other just as Phylophagus. We will contact Eric Eaton who once lived in Oregon to see if he is familiar with this hairy May Beetle.

Correction: (05/25/2008)
Yes, I do recognize that beetle:-) It is the “little bear,” Paracotalpa granicollis. I recall collecting a couple in the same part of Oregon the submitter describes, back in 1982! The adult beetles feed on tree buds and blossoms, while the larvae likely feed on the roots of sagebrush.

Thanks for bailing us out on this one Eric. Seems we didn’t even have the subfamily correct, as the Little Bear, Paracotalpa granicollis, is a Shining Leaf Chafer in the subfamily Rutelinae, and not a May Beetle.

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