Gulf Fritillary

Late Summer Butterfly
Thanks so much for your excellent site. I use if often to identify butterfly caterpillars. Now I have a photo of a butterfly for which I am uncertain of the identification. This photo was taken in August 2006 at the Butterfly Garden of the Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge near Glen Allen, MS. I thought it was some sort of Fritillary and we have planted Passion Flower Vine in the garden to attract fritillaries. But I haven’t been able to find any pictures of fritillaries that look like this. Sorry that I only have the one picture with the wing backs.

Hi Alice,
This Gulf Fritillary is not a true Fritillary and might have been attracted to the passion flowers, the larval food.

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  1. I have vids of mating butterfly cocoon and caterpillars all over my passion-fruit vines & flowers if you would like them I am happy to send them to you. Here is one others of mine are there as well and I can take more vids or pics for you if you like or you can come see them for yourself at my home. Have a good day


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