Subject: Cold Butterfly: Gulf Fritillary, Agraulis vanillae?
Location: Southern Coryell County, Central Texas
November 27, 2012 12:41 pm
Hello, Happy Fall! I’m afraid that this beautiful butterfly isn’t appreciating our cold front, though. I found it in the back yard, being buffeted by the wind. I put my hand under it and moved it to the leeward side of the wood pile, but its wings look quite worn and it’s moving very slowly. I tried to identify our cold friend and think it might be a Gulf Fritillary. Very pretty. Photo taken this morning, 27 Nov 2012 at 11 AM CST; temperature is around 46 degrees F; winds from the north; overcast; in central Texas.
Signature: Ellen

Gulf Fritillary

Hi Ellen,
Butterflies are much easier to photograph when it is cool.  We doubt you could have held a warm Gulf Fritillary.

Gulf Fritillary

Location: Texas

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