Gulf Fritillaries: Voyeurs of the insect world

Mating butterflies – Tampa
First, I’d like to say I’m SO jealous of the people who can get pictures of the mating Cecropia Moth! I believe this is a Monarch, but I really couldn’t tell you for sure. I just got some rather keen pictures and thought I’d share them! I live in Tampa, FL. First set from a few months ago: Mating butterflies, one more comes over to check it out…

Then a couple MORE come over! The next set is clearer, and was taken today: Thanks for the website! Very interesting!
Jen in Tampa

Hi Jen,
These are not Monarchs. They are Gulf Fritillaries. We just love the curiosity.

Thanks so much! It’s the passion flower plant I have that makes them crazy, isn’t it? 😮 I have one grown wild out back and ever since I planted it I’ve seen them around. I’m catching catterpillars(sp) out there too.

Hi again Jen,
Passion Flower is the food plant, so those are Gulf Fritillary Caterpillars you are collecting.

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