Subject: Orange and black guest just flew in
Location: Greenbelt MD
September 4, 2013 6:04 am
The star of our outdoor breakfast table this fine September morn in Greenbelt MD… About one inch from tip to stern. Alit on our milk carton but allowed himself to be coaxed to a placemat. Flitted off after a minute to inspect the hedges after permitting a lovely photo op. To whom do we owe the pleasure?
Signature: Jeanne McLaughlin

Banded Net Wing Beetle

Banded Net Wing Beetle

Hi Jeanne,
Though it resembles a moth more than a beetle, this is actually a Banded Net Wing Beetle,
Calopteron reticulatum.  According to BugGuide:  “Adults take nectar, other plant juices” so it might have been attracted to that cranberry juice drink you were serving.  

Location: greenbelt, Maryland

4 Responses to Guess What’s Coming to Breakfast: Banded Net Wing Beetle

  1. miron says:

    is it deadly ???!!!! i must know

  2. Samantha Koch says:

    We found one today near our garden. So they are in Eastern Pennsylvania, too.

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