Groundselbush Beetle Larva and possibly Leafhopper Nymphs

Subject: Beetle larva and other?
Location: North East NJ
May 27, 2014 8:06 am
Hello and thank you for this site and your time. If you ever get the time to ID, this insect I would be grateful, however it is just a matter of curiosity and nothing dire so if you get around to it great and if not, thank you anyway. This picture was was taken in North East New Jersey a few days ago in May on a plant lining a pond. The larger one in the center of the photo should be some type of beetle larvae (Uneducated guess). Would you know what type of beetle it is or if I am right? The almost metallic color to it, threw me off and I don’t think it is a ladybird beetle larvae or a dermestid. (Again could be wrong.) Also when I got the pic back and looked at it, I noticed something coming out of it’s posterior. I know larvae are not sexually mature so, not to be gross, is it just pooping or is that a parasite. Lastly I also noticed the smaller red juvenile bugs also, any idea what these are?
As always with or without a response thank you for your work
Signature: Frank Smith

Groundselbush Beetle Larva
Groundselbush Beetle Larva

Hi Frank,
You are  correct about the Beetle Larva.  More specifically, it is the larva of a Groundselbush Beetle,
Trirhabda bacharidis, a species that feeds exclusively on Baccharis.  We are not certain what it is excreting, and we are not certain of their identity, but the tiny red nymphs might be immature Leafhoppers or Spittlebugs.

Thank you so much for your response, it made my day. I learned about a beetle that is new to me, so thanks again! I will follow up and see if I can find any references on what it is excreting or being parasitised by and will keep you posted if I find anything. You people are awesome!

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