Groundselbush Beetle Larva

Subject: Rainbow Colored larvae or caterpillar
Location: New Bern, NC
April 19, 2015 11:17 am
Found a few of these crawling around a small shrub at the edge of the woods behind my house; North Carolina, Croatan Forest, Longleaf Pine/swamp habitat. Never seen colors like this before and can’t find it in my caterpillar book nor online. (You try Googling rainbow caterpillar/larvae and see what you get! LOL . . .)
Signature: Diane

Groundselbush Beetle Larva
Groundselbush Beetle Larva

Dear Diane,
We have trouble remembering the name of the Groundselbush Beetle Larva,
Trirhabda bacharidis, but we always remember its distinctive appearance and we can quickly locate older postings of Groundselbush Beetle Larvae.

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