Ground Spider

Subject: other mystery insects that are bugging me (no pun intened)
Location: All in the letter
October 5, 2015 4:11 pm
Hello again, this is Cicada lover. I am wondering if you could identify these other insects and arachnids I have failed to ID. Number one is a spider I found which appears to have a red Christmas tree with a star on top. (I could be wrong) but I didn’t think this was a black widow because their legs are longer, and I have found no black widow spiders with a “star” on top of the red blotching. The spider was found in Waterset (a neighborhood in Apollo Beach FL). The next bug is a caterpillar which was found in a nature preserve called Circle B Bar Reserve in Fl. Picture number 3 is of a…… is of a thing that’s like a beetle with no hard exoskeleton. it was also found in Circle B Bar Reserve.
P.S., Thank you for ID-ing that Cuckoo wasp!
Also, the quality is not that great because I had to crop the photos in order for me to send this.
Signature: Cicada lover

Ground Spider
Ground Spider

Dear Cicada Lover,
We are more than happy to continue to identify your mystery insects, however, please confine your submissions to a single species unless there is a very good reason to include different families or classes of creatures in the same inquiry.  We try to keep our archives correctly classified and it is very confusing and additional work to split one submission into multiple postings.  Your spider is a Ground Spider in the family Corinnidae, most likely
Castianeira crocata, and it has no common name.  Its markings are quite distinctive and this image posted to BugGuide matches nicely.  If you resubmit your other images each on its own form, we will attempt additional identifications.

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