Ground Beetle from Serbia

Identification of Beetle needed
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
April 2, 2012 10:37 am
I took this photo yesterday (April 1) of this beetle. It was living under the bark of a big tree stump. I live in Belgrade, Serbia, which is south eastern Europe. Any idea what genus or species?
Signature: Bill Kralovec

Ground Beetle

Hi Bill,
We believe we have relatively quickly identified your Ground Beetle as
Carabus granulatus, a species found throughout Europe and west into the northern parts of Asia.  We also learned the species was introduced to North America.  You can compare your photo to this example on the Ground Beetles of Ireland webpage.

You guys rock!!!!!! Thanks a lot. I can now upload the photo to my Serbian nature web site. I’ll also give you a plug with my son’s first grade teacher. They are doing a unit on “mini-beasts” and my son is fascinated with insects. I hope to steer him into a career in the natural sciences, or at least a life-long interest in the nature. He was wondering what type of beetle it was.
Bill Kralovec, Secondary Principal, International School of Belgrade

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