Ground Beetle from Greece

Location: Central Greece Mt. Tymfristos
April 7, 2011 12:13 pm
I cant’ find this insect.
It seems like ”procerus violaceus” but there are many doubts.
Please help me !!
Signature: Elias

Ground Beetle

Hi Elias,
Though this is definitely a Ground Beetle in the family Carabidae, we are uncertain of the species.  The name you suggested is an obsolete name, and you may be searching in older texts.  The genus
Procerus is now listed as Carabus, and that is a likely classification of your insect.

Ed. Note: We received a comment clarifying the error in our previous response.

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  1. Actually Procerus isn’t an obsolete name. Genus Carabus is divided into many subgenuses and Procerus is one of them. You can see some subgenuses on this page The animal on the picture may be Carabus violaceus because it has so many subspecies ( but to be sure the animal itself is needed.If you ever see that species again then make a photo from above because you cannot identify the species from the sides.


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