Griffin's Sheepmoths Mating

Mating Griffin’s Sheepmoths
Bugman, your WTB & Bug Love sites are truly unique and fascinating. Thanks for creating and maintaining these to help us ID what we find in the field. We found a mating pair of Hemileuca griffini while hiking on Pollywog Bench above Lake Powell, UT on the east side of the Escalante River confluence. The photos submitted show the moths embraced around a small dry grass shoot held by someone (finger at bottom). We found the fine amber head hairs and fillary antanni quite beautiful. They remained clutched in spite of our interference. Date taken – 09/23/2008.
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Southern Utah

Griffin's Sheepmoths Mating

Dear n8urnut,
Thanks so much for sending us your photo of mating Griffin’s Sheepmoths.  We will link to the Butterflies and Moths of North America to provide additional information on the species.

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