Green Striped Mapleworm

Subject: Can’t identify this caterpillar
Location: Athens Georgia
August 28, 2016 10:07 pm
Ok so I have spent about an hour and a half trying to I this caterpillar and the closest thing I can find is an orange striped oak worm BUT this is not orange, has a tighter paternity and is smoother. The top lines are white and turn yellow towards the legs. It has one set of horns and multiple small pounds on its tail. Also it has a red marking on both sides of the tail at the bottom near legs. These things are devouring my maple tree and have turned the concrete on my patio black
Signature: Tony Bowers

Green Striped Mapleworm
Green Striped Mapleworm

Dear Tony,
We found an image of a Green Striped Mapleworm on the Post and Courier website, and we then researched that on BugGuide where we learned this is the caterpillar of the lovely Rosy Maple Moth,
Dryocampa rubicunda.  According to the Forest Insect & Disease Leaflet 77:  “The green-striped mapleworm (Anisota rubicunda (Fab.) ), a native of North America, is distributed widely throughout the eastern half of the United States and the southern parts of adjacent Canadian Provinces. Its southern range extends from the Carolina coast to the gulf coast in Alabama and Mississippi. It has been recorded as far west as Nebraska and Kansas.  The insect causes heavy defolia­tion throughout its range but is most destructive near its southwestern limits.”  You should note that the genus name is incorrect in the latter link.  Though we have numerous images of the adult Rosy Maple Moth on our site, we believe this may be a first for the Green Striped Mapleworm.

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