Green Soldier Fly

Subject:  Bee?
Geographic location of the bug:  Northeast NE.
Date: 07/25/2019
Time: 05:58 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi, I found this “bee” on the leaves of my rose bush while trying to figure out what’s been munching leaves. It’s bright lime green just like the photo, almost half an inch long and has a rather flat shaped abdomen with cool black designs. Not metallic like a sweat bee, if it is indeed a bee, but can’t find any info or pix that match.
Thank you,
How you want your letter signed:  Lois Colvin

Soldier Fly

Dear Lois,
This is not a Bee.  It is a Soldier Fly and we have identified it as
Hedriodiscus binotatus thanks to images posted on BugGuide.

Thank you! First time I’ve seen one in the 17 yrs since moving to NE.

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  1. I saw one today in DFW, TX. Never seen one in my life, and, my googling seems to indicate they are not native here.


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