Subject: Photographs of
Location: Ancud, Isla de Chiloé, Los Lagos, Chile
February 4, 2017 12:04 pm
Hi there! I just wanted to know if I could share some of my photography of some beautiful insects which I have been lucky enough to capture. Anyhow, I am sending a few shots because there is the option to do so. Thanks and regards!
Signature: Misterknapp

Green Scarab Beetle: Brachysternus prasinus

Dear Misterknapp,
We believe we have correctly identified this beautiful green Scarab Beetle as
Brachysternus prasinus thanks to this FlickR posting and we verified that identification on Coleoptera Neotropical and on Forum Entomologi Italiani as well as on Barry Fotopage.

Location: Ancud, Isla de Chiloe, Los LAgos, Chile

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