Green Lynx Spider in Florida

Green Lynx Spider
Hi! I just found your site. It’s really neat! I thought you might enjoy this picture I took of what I think is a Green Lynx Spider. I found it hanging out on one of my roses last summer (in northeast Florida).

Hi Grace,
The Green Lynx Spider is our favorite spider in the world. Thanks for sending your gorgeous photo.
Jumping Spider eats Cockroach
(02/10/2007) Spider eating cockroach
Hi Mr. Bugman,
‘Tis me again from Halls Head, Western Australia. This spider took almost 2 hours to demolish a fair sized cockroach, he then returned about an hour later to check for left overs. I have looked on your site and in my books, is it a Grey Crevice Jumping Spider please? Thank you, cheers,
P.S. I did send this back in Dec/January but I think you must be still mega busy….

Hi Karen,
This is a Jumping Spider in the Family Salticidae, but we do not know what species. Without going into the myriad reasons we are unable to answer each and every question that is sent to us, we will say that if your letter does not get answered within three days, chances are very good that it will not get answered since so many additional letters have arrived and we try to devote time to the newest arrivals when we are selecting what to answer on a given day. Additionally, a catchy subject line generally catches our eye, and a subject line that reads “no subject” generally gets ignored.

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