Green Lynx Spider eats male California Mantis

Subject: Hunter & Hunted
Location: Rose Hill/Montecito Heights
September 14, 2013 10:48 am
Good morning Daniel,
It’s been a while since I’ve had time to go through the site for all of the new submissions however this morning I saw something I thought to be share-worthy.
This year has brought to my yard many Green Lynx spiders as well as several mantids. This one [Lynx] in particular made it into my house last week. Here size amazed me, full leg spread makes her about the size of a half dollar with a body the diameter of a quarter. After a failed photo shoot where she jumped on me I escorted her out to my potted orange tree vaguely recalling I had seen a juvenile mantis some weeks ago but never again. Well… I think the pictures tell the rest of the story.
Ironically, I think his nest mate (a female) on my chili plant made short work of the Lynx that were there over the last few weeks. Brother not so lucky.
Signature: joAnn

Green Lynx Spider eats California Mantis
Green Lynx Spider eats California Mantis

Dear joAnn,
Thanks for submitting this wonderful documentation of a Green Lynx Spider eating what we believe is a male California Mantis.  We hope he had a chance to mate with the female on your chili plant so that you will have a new generation next year.  Even though you are across the freeway, we are tagging your submission as a Mount Washington posting.

Green Lynx Spider eats California Mantis
Green Lynx Spider eats California Mantis

Update:  September 14, 2013 7:30 PM
Hi Daniel,
I checked in on them this evening and found that she’s still feeding. Her abdomen has blown up considerably while the mantis has become all but translucent.
Here’s a follow up shot, unfortunately I had to use my phone so it’s not as crisp – I think it still conveys her progress. Hopefully they didn’t take out all of my mantis babies. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a new batch next year.
Enjoy your evening,

Green Lynx Spider feeds on California Mants
Green Lynx Spider feeds on California Mants

Hi joAnn,
Thanks for the update.  We suspect this well-fed Green Lynx Spider will be producing one or more egg sacs in the very near future.  Your posting has really struck a chord with our readership as there are 15 “likes” this morning.

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