Cool Green Spider
Location: Panhandle of Florida
September 17, 2011 4:20 pm
I noticed our hummingbirds weren’t using this particular feeder and then I saw why. This big yellowjacket killing spider took up residence underneath it. I took this picture and relocated the spider. Do you know what kind of spider it is?
Signature: Jeff Gibbs

Green Lynx eats Yellow Jacket

Hi Jeff,
Your spider is known as a Green Lynx, and it is a hunting spider that does not use a web to snare prey.  Green Lynx Spiders are often found on blossoms where they wait for pollinating insects, and we are amused that it had taken up residence on this nectar substitute.  We don’t believe the Green Lynx would prevent the hummingbirds from visiting the feeder.  Yellow Jackets can be ornery, and it is our theory that if the Yellow Jackets frequent the feeder, they may be keeping the hummingbirds away.

Location: Florida

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