Green Grocer Cicada

What’s That Bug?
Just out of curiosity — enclosed is a bug/fly/bee picture I took just a few minutes ago. Can you make out what it is? At first, I thought it was the Virescent Green Metallic Bee, but the green on this fella is not metallic – it’s just bright green. And, it doesn’t have big hairy legs. Also, it doesn’t have the 3-part segmented body like a bee would have. It’s about 1.5 inches long (from tip of the head to the tail) and maybe slightly less than half an inch wide (you can make a rough comparison with the blue standard-sized Kong doggie rubber bone). I tried Googling for more information about this insect — unfortunately, I can’t find anything that’s remotely close to this big fella. And instead, I found your website. 🙂 Oh, just in case this might help, I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Thanks!
Minutes later: Oops! I found out what this is already — it’s a cicada! Sorry to trouble you!

Hi Lynn,
We are very happy you figured out this beauty is a Cicada. The photo isn’t detailed enough to be certain, but it might be a Green Grocer, Cyclochila virens.

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