Green Fruit Beetle

green fruit beetle
Just to thank you for the informative and entertaining site and supply a photo of a green fruit bettle, Cotinus mutibilis, id’d from your site. They’re impressive in size, and it’s hard to do their brilliant green color justice in a photo.
Taken at Tijuana River Estuary, Imperial Beach, CA, July 17, 2005 (with my bird lens).
Best wishes,
Robert Harrington
Vista, CA

Hi Robert,
So happy our site was helpful. We just love it when people actually use it for research. You would be surprised at the number of questions that come in that just required a person to scroll down the homepage and not even use the site search engine. Your photo is quite beautiful and a much welcome addition to our archives. We have always been impressed with these beetles and their noisy. lazy flying in the hot summer days in southern California. Have a great day.

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