Green Comma from Alaska

Subject: Butterfly
Location: Kenai,alaska
September 10, 2016 11:42 am
Wondering what the name of this butterfly is?? I live in Kenai,Alaska and it is September. A lot different looking than the milbert fortis shell morning cloak.
Signature: Tammy Thompson

Anglewing Butterfly
Green Comma Butterfly

Dear Tammy,
This is one of the Anglewing Butterflies in the genus
Polygonia.  It might be the Green Comma, Polygonia faunus, based on this BugGuide image.  According to BugGuide the habitat is:  “Northern and high mountain woodlands, often associated with broken terrain and near streams.”  Another possibility is the Hoary Comma, Polygonia gracilis, and according to Butterflies and Moths of North America, the range is:  “Boreal North America south of the tundra. Central Alaska south to central California and northern New Mexico; east across southern Canada and the Great Lakes region to New England and the Maritimes.”  We turned away from the internet and referenced our Butterflies Through Binoculars, The West field guide by Jeffrey Glassberg and we are now confident this is a Green Comma, because of the description:  “Usually the wings are more jagged than other anglewings.  … Above note the two black spots on the inner margin of the FW (top spot sometimes faint) and the black spot in the middle of the HW.”

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