Green Clearwing

Another Pondhawk
What I did not realise with these insects is that their heads can move left or right quite a distance. I always thought that their heads were fixed.

Hi again Mark,
We are amused by your name Pondhawk. It is quite appropriate. We also like Devil’s Darning Needle and Caballo del Diablo as common names for Dragonflies. We believe this to be a Green Clearwing, Erythemis simplicicollis. The color description according to Audubon is “Face and thorax bright green, top of head darker. Abdomen green, spotted with dark brown on top segments 3-10, spots progressively larger toward tip; tip yellow in male. Legs black with long black spines on tibiaw. … Wings clear.”

The Audubon field guide to Florida refers to Erythemis simplicicollis as the Eastern Pondhawk. Must be the colloquial term for it in Florida. Erythemis vesiculosa is refered to as the Great Pondhawk. Thanks again

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