Green Banana Cockroach: Imported from Costa Rica

Unknown bug from Costa Rica
June 4, 2009
This bug was found in a box of bananas from Costa Rica! Any information would be great!
K. Yoder
Pa. from Costa Rica

Green Banana Cockroach
Green Banana Cockroach

Dear K. Yoder,
This is a Green Banana Cockroach, Panchlora nivea.  The species is native to Central America and Cuba, and it has become established in Florida and Texas.  According to BugGuide:  “acitve at night and may be attracted to artificial light; does not breed indoorspresumably found on bananas in its native Cuba; two early records from Mississippi are considered to be adventive introductions along with shipments of bananaspopular as a pet ($25.00 a doz.) here due to its bright green color and because it is not an invasive indoor species”
Since it is not invasive, you need not worry about it becoming established in Pennsylvania where the climate is too harsh for this tropical species.

7 thoughts on “Green Banana Cockroach: Imported from Costa Rica”

  1. Got one in Scotland this week, my dad accidentally ate one as it crawled up his banana, currently got another in a tub with some banana skin and flesh. What do we do with it? Would anyone like it? Can it be kept as a pet

  2. Found one of these in a pack of bananas bought at Morrison’s Stockport UK. My 1 year old loves bananas. Are they still safe to eat? What do I do with it? It’s currently hiding somewhere in the inside bin.

    • We suspect both the Green Banana Cockroach and the bananas are both still safe to eat. Based on your location and climate, we don’t believe this exotic import will live to reproduce.


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