Big ol’ Katydid
Location: Toledo, OH
October 5, 2011 8:37 am
Definitely my biggest insect find yet, and on my own house even! I believe this is an angle-winged katydid, and a big fat one at that. Have a wonderful day!
Signature: Katy (didn’t)

Greater Angle-Wing Katydid

Dear Katy (didn’t),
We agree that this is an Angle-Wing Katydid, most likely
Microcentrum rhombifolium, the Greater Angle-Wing Katydid or Broad Wing Katydid.  We are unable to tell from the angle of view if this is a male or a female, but often with insects, the female is the larger of the sexes.

Location: Ohio

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  1. Kylie Musick says:

    what order is it in???

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