Great Western Crane Fly Roadkill

Subject: Large winged insect in car grill
Location: Western Washington
July 27, 2013 3:03 am
I apologize for the nature of the picture, and know it can be tough to identify an insect that has been mangled in this fashion, but was wondering if you could give me any clues to its type. It was found yesterday morning on my sister’s car, she had come back late one night & did not notice it til the next morning. I didn’t know until later, or I would have taken it off to try to ID it myself or at least get some more pictures, and unfortunately it detached on her way to work. We’re in the Seatac area, she works in Tacoma, if that helps at all. Any help you can provide would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
Signature: Mike

Great Western Crane Fly struck by car
Great Western Crane Fly struck by car

Hi Mike,
This appears to be a Great Western Crane Fly,
Holorusia hespera, and we are pretty certain it is the largest Crane Fly in western North America.  Here is a photo on BugGuide for comparison.

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