Great Southern Brood in Northern Illinois

13 year locust Location: Southern Illinois June 2, 2011 7:34 pm I just matched my locust picture on your site. I had seen these once before years ago near Boston Harbor. I thought they were the 7 year locust as I had never seen them before. This year while visiting The Garden of the gods State Park in Southern Illinois; we heard a strange noise when we got out of the car. We had been there several times before and never heard this sound in the woods. Then I saw the red eeyed locust and thought ”Ah-Ha!!” I was curious as to what kind it really was so I checked your site to find locusts. Sure enough… some one else further south had seen them too. Thanks for helping me know what kind it is. Signature: Janet Fox

13 Year Cicada

Hi Janet, Thanks so much for sending your excellent photo of a 13 Year Cicada from the Great Southern Brood, AKA Brood XIX.  Your letter sounded like you did not see great numbers, which is alarming.  Perhaps habitat destruction and human intervention have reduced their numbers.  As long as people consider the appearance of the mating swarms of Periodical Cicadas to be a plague, then the demise of the species is imminent.  Though they are commonly called “locusts”, the Periodical Cicadas are true Cicadas.

Ed. Note: Though Brood XIX seems to be emerging throughout its range, we have not received reports of great numbers of Cicadas.  Is habitat destruction combined with Unnecessary Carnage beginning to contribute to a decline in the number of individuals?

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